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Jeruz Bitone Adventures

Jeruz Adventures is the brainchild of a young man whose intention is to collaborate with friends and strangers to eventually turn traveling into a sustainable venture. Jeruz Adventures is a business model centered around adventure travel, culture, and African arts. What started as an epic road trip and bushwalk in the wild and desolate lands of Uganda later emerged as a travel Desk offering unique and unheard-of adventures to people around the world, all while ensuring community well-being.

We are an adventurous Company based in Kampala, Uganda. Although most of the operations are based in Europe, and then extended to other parts of the world because of the routine teamwork to ensure good social conduct and efficient networking, room for good service provision, room for new ideas and of course making sure we do not close anyone out from witnessing the beauty of Africa. We specialise in adventurous activities, mid-range to-luxury Safaris, Holiday Tours, community-based art, cultural activities, conservation projects and holiday sports.

Because of our experience, partnerships, and love for adventure, wildlife and essential art, we not only assist travellers in planning the most convenient and cost-effective ways of touring Uganda and East Africa at large, but also take full responsibility of building your confidence in learning different cultures, animal behaviour and Human behaviour away from home.

We do that by helping you identify destinations, especially travellers looking for new and exciting places to explore. At Jeruz  Adventures, we help you create adventurous memories, and experiences that last for a life time.

Creating the Future through preserving the past.

At Jeruz adventures , we believe in creating close ties with you, friends, family, and community to not only understand your travel needs and preferences but rather add a memorable experience to your life journey and social interactions.

The word Jeruz is an acronym to mean;

J – Joyful spirit you spread.
E – Elate, make others happy
R – Refreshing
U – Unique
Z – Zest, your zeal for life.

That with a combination of the word Bitone which is a local word meaning Talents is exactly what we want the Jeruz Bitone experience to be for you.

Why you should

Travel with us?

Travel and adventure is a huge decision. Not only is it rare to get away from your stressful lives but it’s even rarer to commune with nature on a trip that is worth every single penny. It’s not every day that you explore the vast jungles of Africa or even challenging yourself for some time away from home, so we take this challenge to make you feel welcome and safe away from the comfort of your home. This is what makes Jeruz Adventures one of a kind.

We offer a wide range of personalised tour packages in Uganda and East Africa starting with mastered destinations and areas. You will have many choices of destinations and activities when you let us plan your safari, stay, adventure, or holiday, making your trip all the more memorable.

Create your own Itenerary

We do the planning whilst letting you create your own itinerary. As Jeruz team, we do have the *customer first attitude* which enables us serve our clients depending on their individual desires which boosts service quality and creates a stable mutual connection. Don't hesitate to let us know what your travel desires are so that we draft it and plan it basing on your expectations.


We respond to all inquiries within latest 12 hours. The good news is, we try as much as possible not to cut off our communication with you at any single moment. please endeavour to use our online website chat also outside our usual operating hours which guarantees you a quick Feedback from one of our service team.

Customer Care

Available for face-to-face, e-mail or phone conversations. Even if you are just thinking about it, give us a call and let us help you figure out your options.


We consistently offer high quality service with maximum transparency. we 100% convinced that our team has it all to make your African experience a golden one.

Multi Language

We offer several language options when it comes to translations during tours, safaris, Bushwalks and any other adventure activity. We provide English translation services in the very first place, several local languages depending on the need and as well as the option of a German guide after discussion which also depends on the order of the Day and general tour planning.

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Team & Guides

Our Social Responsibility to

Community & Conservation

Unlike many, Jeruz adventures was founded with conservation in mind. Our business model is based on mutual returns for the communities around tourism destinations and wildlife conversation areas.

Alongside our regional guides, we employ local guides for an authentic experience as well as for economic empowerment. The goal is further achieved by supporting and involving local artists and young talents.

As part of our tour categories, we have community tours where we arrange accommodation and sharing livelihood with local family hosts. This is directed at helping our curious guests get a rich understanding and and the exact taste of the different cultures in Uganda, Kenya,Tanzania, or Rwanda 

We further support the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13 and 15.

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