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Safe, Adventurous & Cost Effective.


Research from the University of Colorado Boulder found that camping can reset our biological clocks and help those who find it tough to get to sleep and/or wake up in the morning. Camping provides some of the best opportunities to take photos, take part in group games and share intimate moments with those you love. Make lasting memories under the East African skies made of the brightest starts and during day, enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, mouth-watering foods, making great friends and crazy adventures.

Budget, Exotic & Highend


With over thousands of options to choose from, we set you up in the most comfortable, luxurious and clean hotels boasting the most hospitable customer care service without stretching your budget. We have partnered with some of the top accommodation providers in the region to allow tailor made services. East Africa offers both international comforts and custom tailored accommodations ranges that suit the adventurous budget of our guests.

We’ve got it all, whether you are looking for a 3 or 5 star located in the main capital cities Kampala, Nairobi or Kigali,Naivasha,Mombasa, or in the country sides within proximity to the tourism destinations.

Amazing, Artistic and placed in Nature

Safari Lodges

Our network of stunning properties offers some of the best safari lodges in East Africa. Because each one is so unique and showcases a different East Africa’s diverse landscape, when taken together they offer an unbeatable combination of all that is incredible about this magical part of the world.

The diversity of experiences available across our carefully selected accomodations enables our guests to do more than just ‘scratch the surface’ of East Africa. Land and explore some of East Africa’s most remote and wonderous geographical features and discover what happens in some of the sustainable local projects we support.

Personal, Homely & Family

Local Hosts

East Africa is part of the great African unknown in the minds of many. One reason is that the only news that people get in other parts of the world about these parts of the world is not the best. Similar to other African countries, Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda still suffer an image problem. The little that people know is through the lens of the country’s history. The haunting and lingering Ghosts of the past leaders do not reflect the Friendliness, peace and progress that has been registered since then.

Allow yourself a gift of a lifetime with our cultural explorational tours that involve hospitality and accommodation provided by selected families in both remote and urban centres of these beautiful countries. Experience the true livelihood and cultural cousines of Ugandan, Kenyan, Tanzanian and Rwandan people in all their cultural variations.

Safe & Clean

To make your trip even more safe and memorable, we ensure that we book for you accommodations which value and consider safety of their clientele when it comes to security, Hygiene and all other sorts of preparations done before and after guest arrival. we make sure to visit all these accommodations in personal for a better quality analysis. Regarding our local hosts, we have built a mutual understanding between us and community which has enabled us to identify potential hosts who are always eager and ready to receive our clients for a short stay for a better exploration of African culture and enjoy simple local standards of living.

Amazing Cousines

Before most of the people make their first decision of travelling to any other country, the first question is always the different kinds of food items and the feeding habits in the country of Destination. We are delighted to inform you that East Africa has a variety to offer when it comes to meals and food.

All the hotels we choose or recommend are licensed by the the board of a given government that carries out inspection on quality and credibility of services offered.

We happy to inform you that high quality services, fresh and health foods are guaranteed.

Authentic Experience

To enrich our goal of offering quality services, we let our clients talk for them selves in terms of projecting and commenting on sites and objects to give them room to decide if their expectations are fulfilled and fantasised to the fullest. please note that all visited sites and places are conserved and preserved to keep the original feeling and historical evidence and background. And so the same applies to our methods and chains of service, we do it our way and do not copy from any other service provider in the same field.

WIFI Connection

At Jeruz we connect you with nature, wildlife and community, we make sure that you have a quality time away from home but still make sure not to disconnect you from the other side of the world. we do book accommodations which have a free Wi-Fi for all guests to use free of charge. please take note that some of them would be having a Wi-Fi connection only on their waiting lobbies and Restaurants .

For Accommodations which do not have a Wi-Fi connection we endeavour to communicate this on time before confirming the booking with the accommodation. some of them are situated in remote areas which hinder connection due to their location.

Extreme Hospitality

since all our visiting places and accommodations differ in service qualities, these are categorised in stars and range from 5 stars* which are considered to offer the best service quality to a one *star or even a no star* which offer list services. please be informed that all these offer different prices depending on service quality. The all have qualified personnel which also adds on service delivery.

please be informed that sometimes simple accommodations offer the most exciting and simple memorable stays due to their surrounding and nature of environment.

We promise to advise you on this before confirming bookings.

Diverse Options

When it comes to variety, the list is endless, East Africa and Africa at large has got a variety to offer when it comes to visiting places and accommodation facilities, sites. To put that aside, only the welcoming culture of the people here tells it all.

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