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How much is a safari holiday in Africa?

Hmmm, this depends on the duration of stay, the kind of accommodation facilities you prefer during your stay, the type of activities that you would like to do, the season and month of the year that you tend to travel. you can not compare prices of someone who wants to go for hiking to the prices of some one who wants to do game drives and gorilla trekking or even Air balloon services. All this determine the cost of your travel and have a bigger impact on your spending. check out the different activities to have a broader picture of what makes them different. Activities Tours

How is the planning process?

it is just a one click away, we are always ready and eager connecting with you. its just a matter of writing us an email stating your travel wish or even calling us directly on one of our contact numbers displayed on our contact page. let us know your desired country of destination and select one of our planned itinerary or even send us your own itinerary so that we can plan on time. our first step will be to guide you on how to process the Entry visa of country of destination. To get more information about this please reach us out. Contact Us

Which season is best for visiting Africa?

The best seasons to visit African countries for a fruitful African safari experience are September, October, march and April, please be informed that seasons in Africa are completely the opposite of other continents . we break you down the best months for visiting the most popular east African countries which are best known for booming safari and culture experiences. Uganda Kenya Tanzania Rwanda and please keep in mind that visiting these countries during their dry seasons for a safari has showed its self as the best option since all animals gather together on water banks to quench their thirst. for sub-Saharan  countries, June to October is a jackpot season for adventure safaris and travel. But this doesn’t mean that the other months are not suitable for travel because seasons change time to time. The good news is that these countries don’t have winter but rather have sunny, rainy, windy and cloudy seasons which still makes them number one in terms of having favourite weather for many. 

is East Africa safe for travel and vacations in terms of security?

YES, like in any other part of the world, there will always be troubled spots, the same applies to Africa, please endeavour to keep your personal utilities safe when ever you move, of course their are some cases of theft if someone doesn’t take good care of their property, but there are thousands and thousands of tourists who visit and leave these countries without any problems and trouble during their stay. The people there are very friendly and welcoming, still we advice you not move alone at night without supervision from your host or your tour operator. East Africa is safe for visit.

is it safe to travel to Uganda?

*Yes* Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel to because of its political stability and the welcoming volks

is Kenya safe for travel?

*Yes* Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel to because of its political stability and the welcoming volks

is Rwanda safe for travel?

*Yes* Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel to because of its political stability and the welcoming volks

is Tanzania safe for travel?

*Yes* Tanzania is one of the safest countries in Africa to travel to because of its political stability and the welcoming volks

Which accommodation facilities do African hosts offer?

Africa has got a variety to offer, infact when it comes to accommodation facilities, a lot to mention but a few. You have many options like camping where you only spend time under African shadows in a sleeping sack under a small tent covered with a dark cloud full of lighting stars during the night and a blue light cloud during day time. Tented Lodges which are far from being simple tents pitched under the stars, they are considered to be traditional luxurious Hotels which have big sized beds, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, office working area and many more. Lodges which are mostly built in a round shape with Bricks and are the most popular for adventure travellers, these range from Luxury to low budget although budget lodges are situated outside National parks. Ultra luxury tier among the best accommodation which offer the best extravagant services, if you looking for the best what Africa has got to offer, this could be a better option for you. Medium range which are equivalent to 3 star hotels, these offer good services and are comfortable and a better option for families that still want to enjoy there modern comfort even away from home. we choose our accommodations after doing a very serious service quality analysis.

Budget, those travelling on budget, we happy to inform you that our budget tier offers a mixture of budget lodges and camping sites which cater for both an indigenous traveller and adventurer. All these offer modern bathrooms and delicious cuisine. please note that price ranges depend on the type of accommodation ranging from Ultra luxury to budget. for more information about accommodation, please have a look at our accommodation page. Accommodation

Do I need to be vaccinated ???

well, that depends on the country of destination, in some cases, countries like Uganda Kenya require a yellow fever vaccine which you have to get from any medical institution before the course of the journey. presenting a yellow fever book or card at the check-in point or Airport is mandatory.

What does Jeruz adventures has to offer?

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Where is Jeruz adventures located?

Jeruz adventures has its headquarters in in uganda.



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