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Terms & Conditions of Jeruz Bitone Adventures LTD

We ask our guests to read the following terms and conditions carefully. The content is adjusted at regular intervals to possibly changed legislation.


Jeruz Bitone Adventures LTD, hereinafter referred to as Jeruz, organizes trips through East Africa. This includes the states of Uganda, where the company is based, as well as Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Jeruz also arranges third-party services, i.e., travel providers, freelancers, hotel, tent and guest house accommodation and other preferred rentals services.

For all bookings, please note the public holiday and holiday regulations in the respective destination countries.

We would like to point out that in Africa, the general hygienic conditions, service standards, and safety often do not correspond to those in your home country. Nevertheless, traveling in and to Africa is not an outright risk.

1. General Conditions

With the conclusion of a contract, e.g., travel registration and/or transmission of a payment/deposit to a Jeruz account, the following conditions are bindingly accepted. Terms of contract that are not listed or included below must be fixed in writing and handed over to each contractual partner. Changes or ineffectiveness of one or more contractual conditions does not automatically result in the complete ineffectiveness of the entire contract. Jeruz reserves the right to make changes to the travel program free of charge.

2. Jurisdiction

Jeruz is headquartered in Seeta, Uganda and is therefore subject exclusively to the legislation of the Republic of Uganda. Since Jeruz also arranges trips from other travel providers, as well as hotels, tents and guest house accommodation, their conditions apply in such cases.

3. Booking and Payment

Bookings can be made by email or by phone. Bookings are based on specific information about the desired travel destination and the person regarded to as the traveler, Full valid details are required as can be seen from the travel registration form and Documents.

Jeruz bases all tour and price determinations on the legality of the information. In the event of complications resulting from deviations or incorrect information, Jeruz rejects any guarantee or liability.

With the booking, the traveler enters into a contractual relationship with Jeruz and a deposit of 250-450 euros is due for each booked trip depending on the nature of the trip, this can be determined by the duration or the total cost of the Trip. The deposit is to be paid immediately, at the latest within 5 working days, in order to ensure the availability of the desired trips on the booked date. After receipt of payment, the booking (travel contract) will be confirmed in writing by Jeruz. The total price of the trip must be paid no later than 90 days before the start of the trip.

In special cases, the entire travel price is due immediately. This applies to:

  1. High season trips (01 June to 30 August + 01 December to 30 January).
  2. Pure gorilla tracking trips.
  3. For bookings made less than 90 days before departure.

After receipt of the complete payment, the contractual partner will receive a written confirmation of receipt of payment. If payment of the full travel price is not made within the specified period, Jeruz reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and to demand cancellation costs.

4. Refund

If the trip has not been performed in accordance with the contract, the traveler is entitled to a refund. However, the claim must not be disproportionate, otherwise Jeruz has the right to refuse. A refusal also occurs if the traveler has failed to report the defect during the trip and has therefore not given Jeruz an opportunity to remedy it within a reasonable period of time.

The refund of deposits and full payments for booked gorilla tours is not possible due to the requirements of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). However, it is possible to transfer tours to a third party up to 7 days before the start of the trip. The third party can only be named by the person withdrawing from the trip.

5. Prices

Jeruz prices include the services listed in the travel offer, including costs for fuel, taxes, personnel, office, and administration costs as well as third-party costs.

Jeruz reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to increase the travel price fixed in the contract due to special circumstances. These special circumstances are given when the price of fuel increases by more than 5% when exchange rates fluctuate by more than 4% when there is evidence of increased official fees and taxes when the price of gorilla and chimpanzee tours and hotel/accommodation costs increase by more than 5 %.

The travel price will only be increased by the increase in the above factors and the travel participant must be informed immediately, but no later than 3 weeks before the start of the trip. If the total travel price increases by more than 10%, withdraw from the contract and be reimbursed according to the percentages listed below. He also has the right to an offer for an equivalent alternative trip.

6. Withdrawal

Jeruz can withdraw from the contract if:

  • a. force majeure, such as B. natural disasters, court orders, terrorism, strikes, Problems due to weather conditions, outbreaks of disease, pandemics, war or Similar natural disastrous conditions, not allowing travel,
  • b. an advertised minimum number of fellow travelers is not reached.

In these cases, the passenger will be offered an alternative trip, or the full price will be refunded.
In the event of a contract termination due to incorrect or incomplete personal information provided by the traveler or if payments have not been made in full or within the specified deadlines, there will be no refund or a refund after deduction of an appropriate expense allowance.

Termination of the contractual relationship by the travel guest is possible at any time before the start of the trip. The termination must be in writing, whereby the deadline is calculated from the receipt of the termination by Jeruz. In this case, Jeruz can claim reasonable compensation before departure.

The following percentages of the total travel price per person apply:

  1. Cancellation up to 60 days before departure 20%
  2. Cancellation 59 to 50 days before departure 30%
  3. Cancellation 49 to 40 days before departure 50%
  4. Cancellation 39 to 30 days before departure 70%
  5. Cancellation 29 to 20 days before departure 80%
  6. Cancellation 19 to 10 days before departure 90%
  7. Cancellation 9 to 0 days before departure (no show) 100%

The deposit paid is non-refundable.

Jeruz offers the canceling traveler the opportunity to bring a third party into the contractual relationship instead of himself (rebooking). Any additional costs incurred must be borne by the traveler or the new person to be brought in. Until the conclusion of the contract with the third person, the traveler is jointly and severally liable. Jeruz expressly reserves the right to refuse the third party for reasons of security, compliance with laws and official orders. In the event of a rebooking, a flat rate of €50 or €45 will be charged. The traveler is advised to take out travel cancellation insurance before the start of the trip to cover any cancellation costs incurred.


Liability claims against Jeruz are subject to a period of 30 days after the end of the trip, whereby the verifiable date of receipt of the written document by Jeruz applies here. When the deadline has expired, the traveler can only assert claims if he was demonstrably prevented from asserting them in due time. At the end of a full calendar year, the claim is considered statute-barred, whereby the statute of limitations begins after the end of the last day of travel.

Jeruz is liable to the traveler for:

  1. conscientious and professional planning and preparation of the trip according to the travel program
  2. the implementation of all services listed in the offer
  3. the standard-compliant, careful selection and review of third-party services and services
  4. the completeness, safety, and functionality of the equipment to be provided.

8. Limitations of Liability

The liability amount is limited to the sum of the total travel price in the event of damage. Personal injuries are not included. There is a limitation of liability towards Jeruz:

  1. if Jeruz is only the intermediary of services of third parties – including air flight companies
  2. in the case of accidents/death in the context of sporting activities such as mountaineering, biking, motor biking, diving, rafting, tracking etc., according to the travel program, as well as all activities not included in the travel contract
  3. the traveler suffers damage that is caused neither intentionally nor through gross negligence.

Status: 02/31/2022

Tour Operator:
Jeruz Bitone Adventures Ltd.
Plot 815 Lumuli, Seeta
Mukono, Uganda

Phone: +49 (0) 177 2804024
Owners: Galiwango and Josia Eicker Aaron

Certificate of Incorporation No. 80020002717591 ,
Trading License No. GLBLR22000005805 Instrument 106-6 2011, 101 – 31.12.1969


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