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Community Responsibility

As one of our slogans – (creating the future through preserving the past) we not only emphasize on income generation as an Entity but rather also consider community and locals in everything we do.

As an adventure company, we extend our works through partnerships with other community organisations to ensure safety of locals and the wellbeing of the natives where we take our travellers. This has showed itself as away of conserving culture and traditions, wildlife, talents, and many other crucial activities that involves Nature, Tourism, and culture.

We are happy to announce and mention some of our partner organisations that have at least showed up in a very supportive manner to ensure that they support local communities and protecting them with their properties through various activities and some of which are non-Governmental organisations, Foundations, and many other different types of Entities.

Projekthilfe Uganda .e.V is a registered non-profit organisation from German in a town called Bruchsal near Heidelberg, its Association has set up a development Projects with schools and vocational training institutions with a well-equipped health centre in Uganda. Its partnership with the community of Kyamulibwa in a District of Kalungu near Masaka has made it possible to co-ordinate with various departments of Kalungu District and Masaka Diocese to ensure general improvement in standards of living of the Ugandan locals through building schools, health centers, vocational Training grounds and promoting agriculture through supporting local Farmers at large.

Nature of Partnership

As a way of supporting this movement, we partner with projekt Hilfe uganda through taking our guests to visit its works and projects where some of them get impressed and turn into potential project sponsors and doners.

We also decided to build up packages that we sell to our clients to make sure they visit this project and spend some nights in their newly built Guest rooms at a favourable cost, the revenue is to support on other projects of the organisation and help in promoting tourism of the Area.

info [at]
ChristelHenecka [at]


God Remembers e.V is a voluntary organisation in Germany that works with the NGO God Remembers in Uganda. Their aim is to enable poor Children in Uganda to receive education and give them hope for the future. One of their missions is to teach Children and Adults how they can sustain their lives through teaching them Christian values that has made a positive impact in the lives of many locals in the western part of uganda thus contributing to the growth and development of the Area. We happy to mention some of the goals of the above-mentioned Organisation.

  • Enabling a sheltered life for children/orphans through building Children’s homes
  • Improving the education system in the Region of Ntungamo
  • Involvement in Agro forestry which helps in climate conservation of the area.

Nature of Partnership

As a way of supporting our locals is to ensure proper environmental, traditional, and cultural conservation. Western uganda is being known for having many Tourists attraction sights which brings revenue to the country. To make it a fair Game, we do not only put our emphasis on promoting Tourism and business growth but rather also make sure that the native local people who settled around our touring places are catered for and protected.

we partner with God Remembers through taking our guests to the project premises to ensure that they also engage themselves in community activities to promote the local people through sharing ideas, giving Donations, becoming sponsors and Doners to the poor and young orphans and help in promoting tourism of the Area. We draft itineraries and give our clients an option of spending two days at the project premises just to spend time with locals and share cultural values.

For more information and further inquiries:


MALAIKA Smile supports and help children in need

It is a non-profit organisation that worries for the ugandan young generation in terms of making it possible for young children who had lost hope regain back their confidence through taking them to school, providing them with necessary material that they need in their day to day life. They also go an extra mile of protecting the childrens rights through providing them with moral education and engage them in developmental activities music and drama, sports,art and craft making. Malaika smile has been able to support and reach out to those in need for years . 

Its just a big pleasure to mention some of their works and general activities :

  • Financing schools and vocational training
  • supporting children with regular nutrition and medical care services
  • Talent promotion
  • Supporting families in terms of finance and investiment

  Through personal and individual donations from the Irtenkauf family, whose members are on ground twice a year, they have continued with supporting farming  projects . The current biggest need and a very important point is building a school which will accommodate a bigger number of pupils since their will be room for expansion.
Support their works for a good cause under  malaika smile  

Nature of Co-operation

Its a pleasure to co-operate with malaika smile in terms of putting Uganda out to the international Globe, Globalisation is a very sensitive topic today which has several merits and demerits.

In our co-operation, we looking at making it simple and easier for sponsors, donors and future sponsors travel to Africa (Uganda) and see what their financial support has done. This enables them trace success of the projects they support in terms of finance,marketing,volunteering,advice and Its an opportunity for them to come in direct contact with their sponsor children and also getting to know more about the ugandan culture, wildlife, tradition, history and other settings. We take the part of organising the entire trip to Uganda and advice them to ensure that they have a good time away from Home and meet their expectations.


Jeruz own own social works

Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa because of its abundant biodiversity, colour, profusion, brilliant life, and its serene beauty. The country has got a variety of things to offer, infact everything you might need in the travel world is most likely to be in Uganda. We pinpoint out uganda because it is where our head offices are situated as we serve the world from the centre extending to other parts of the universe.

As a Jeruz culture, we take time to care for community directly to ensure proper conservation and preservation of local cultures, as the nature of our business, we sell cultural activity services, wildlife sceneries, Geographical sights, and many other services. We are obligated to come back on ground and ensure that the locals and wildlife habitats are in safer hands.

This can only be done through supporting the local people through supporting their businesses, respecting their cultural norms and behaviours.

It is very easy to reduce the number of poaching activities, deforestation, and swamp reclamation activities among locals if they receive economic support, this can be done through supporting their local businesses to reduce on the number of desperate and hungry locals. Its so unfortunate that modern non-local business entities benefit from local tourism than the locals themselves.

Research has shown that poaching and increased number of deforestations is caused by jobless and hungry indigenous local people who also try to look for ways of surviving.

As Jeruz team, we extend our works through reaching out the community with direct support and making it a behaviour among our clients which helps to preserve our local insights.

We have decided to specialise with carrying on co-operate social responsibility activities by reaching out to street kids with empowerment activities such as reaching them out with clothes, food, medical services, and other services that fits our Budget. We have decided to use this page as an update platform for our clients who also want to be part of this cause. We have also put up a platform that supports local artists to ensure that they can also sustain themselves trough selling their products to our lovely travellers.

As a culture, we have also decided to come up with itinerary packages which have this offer of reaching out to the community directly, we encourage our clients to engage them selves in supporting local people in all possible ways. And guess what > they do love it and buy the idea < which keeps us moving.


As we visited North-eastern uganda in a small indigenous town called Karenga located in Karamoja, we made sure that our clients get the real african feeling connected to culture,Dance and drama.
Much as our Clients got entertained, we looked around the community to see see what we could give back in terms of appreciation. On top of distributing Food and clothes, we went a head on organising possible means to help to young Girls who had Cleft lips which is a body disorder. Through the help of our Clients who were on board, they organised all financial means and got the two girls operated. its a pleasure if we can change something in our community.

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